What you should expect from a shoot with me.

Regardless of whether it's an outside portrait or a headshot, I always like to get to know my subjects a little bit. For you to allow me to take your photo is a true privilege. My approach is simple: to try to show in the photos the best version of yourself in that moment. There's beauty all around us, and it's more about the things we decide to pay attention to and the things we decide to ignore. I'm color-blind, for example, so I focus more on shapes, light and details.

When you arrive to the session, I will offer you tea or coffee, an we will chat a bit about you and the motivation for the shoot. I will explain to you the process and slowly transition to shooting. My approach is to find authenticity. Sometimes, that entails to let you be in your natural positions. Sometimes, by giving you some general direction, we can get the stress out of the way and focus on what makes you YOU. My dream shoot is one in which you have the space to reevaluate what you think about yourself. One in which I can show you how others can see beauty where you don't see it. At any point during the session we can take a break and do something else. 

But what if I'm too nervous?
My job is to make you feel comfortable. We will take the time to make sure you are. If a any moment you are not, we can always reschedule or try a different approach.

But what if I'm not photogenic?
Being photogenic is on the eye of the beholder. Our self-image determines in great part how we think we look in an image. Both through a biased lens and through making us comfortable or uncomfortable in the photoshoot. Let's work with that! My passion is to help you pay attention to the things you do like about yourself.

What if I don't know how to pose?
I usually do not work with professional models. I want your awkward, human self. 

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